Dr. Daniel Freeman

Oxford University

Professor of Clinical Psychology
Oxford University

NIHR Senior Investigator
Consultant Clinical Psychologist
Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust

Daniel Freeman is a Professor of Clinical Psychology and NIHR Senior Investigator at the University of Oxford and a consultant clinical psychologist in Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust. He is a Fellow of University College Oxford, the British Academy, and the British Psychological Society. Daniel's research has focussed on using psychological theory to develop more powerful psychological treatments. He has been using virtual reality in the assessment, understanding, and treatment of mental health problems for over two decades. In 2016 Daniel was the scientific founder of Oxford VR, a University of Oxford spin-out company. He is the recipient of the 2020 British Psychological Society Presidents' Award for Distinguished Contributions to Psychological Knowledge, and presented the BBC Radio 4 series ‘A History of Delusions’.