Peter Lund


Peter Lund
CEO of Somos
Partner at SuperGenius Studio

Peter Lund co-founded Somos in 2019 to merge the realms of healthcare and immersive gaming. His passion for catalyzing human agency drives the company's mission to build patient care pathways within immersive gaming spaces.

Peter believes that therapy should be as captivating as it is healing. Combining the best game design with validated therapies, Somos uses proprietary methods for embodiment, neural entrainment, and novel control modalities to turn treatment into a hero’s journey of progress and

Somos believes the best digital therapeutics are built by joint teams of world class game developers and scientists. Somos is supported by funding through the Henry M. Jackson foundation in collaboration with institutions including Walter Reed, the Uniformed Services University, and the Applied Physics Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University.

Before founding Somos, Peter spent a decade as COO at SuperGenius Studio, playing an instrumental role in building acclaimed AAA games across various platforms, including console, PC and AR/VR. Peter has served as Chair of the Oregon Games Organization, Clackamas Workforce Partnership, Clackamas Economic Development Commission, and as a member of the Portland Small Business Advisory Council.

Peter is dedicated to forging a world where rehab is not only a regimen but an adventure, designed to meet diverse needs and making healthcare journeys effective, available and enjoyable for humans across the globe.