Thomas Shields

Charley Bear Productions

Thomas Shields brings a wealth of expertise, enhancing the team's credibility through a distinguished background in strategic business development, customer success, and healthcare tech sales. With a proven track record, Thomas has successfully taken similar products and services to market in his previous roles.

As the former Director of Customer Success at AppliedVR, Inc., a leading healthcare virtual reality company, Thomas played a crucial role in driving sales and developing customer relationship programs. His strategic approach and leadership contributed to the successful market entry of healthcare virtual reality solutions. Thomas not only shaped the sales strategy for entering new healthcare markets but also pushed the founder's vision, contributing to effective messaging for diverse audiences, including hospital C-suite executives, internal sales teams, and investors.

His experience extends to building key relationships with prestigious healthcare organizations such as New York University Langone, RWJ-Barnabas Health, and INOVA Health System, showcasing an ability to navigate and succeed in the healthcare market. His role involved building analytics and revenue tracking systems, focusing on optimizing the customer journey for B2B subscription services, reflecting his commitment to measurable success.

Before his work at AppliedVR, Thomas served as a Hospital Administrator at Robert Wood Johnson Barnabas Health in Jersey City, NJ, specializing in new projects. His strategic partnerships with Fortune 500 corporations in the Greater New York Metropolitan area significantly increased customer volume year over year. Notably, Thomas developed a concierge medicine program that contributed to a $2.5 million net revenue increase in its first year, demonstrating his ability to bring innovative healthcare solutions to market successfully.

Thomas's foundational background as a Firefighter, Paramedic, and Instructor at the District of Columbia Fire and EMS Department further attests to his diverse experience. His leadership roles in responding to critical situations, coupled with his emergency medical instructor position at the fire academy, highlight his capability to manage complex operations and his extensive knowledge in medical education such as CPR.

Thomas’s extensive background in taking healthcare solutions to market as well as his strategic approach, leadership skills, and proven success in similar ventures, position him as a valuable asset to the team's efforts.